Brooklyn Hand Surgery



Office Hours

Monday : 8am–6pm (Dr. Koehler)
Tuesday : 830am - 5pm (Dr. Ekstein)
Wednesday : 830am - 6pm (Both)
Thursday : Closed
Friday : 3pm - 5pm (Dr. Koehler)


We have three convenient locations where you can see Dr. Koehler or Dr. Ekstein:

  • Downstate Bone & Joint Center

760 Parkside Ave, 1st Flr

Brooklyn, NY 11203

  • Bay Ridge Office (W)

9202 Fort Hamilton Pkwy

Brooklyn, NY 11209 

  • Brookdale Bone & Joint Center

One Brookdale Plaza

Brooklyn, NY, 11212

Email & Phone

Dr. Steven Koehler

New Appointments: 718.270.2045

Surgical Scheduling: 718.270.4335

Fax: 718.270.3051

Dr. Charles Ekstein

New Appointments: 718.240.6784

Office: 718.240.6784

Fax: 718.240.7154


Cancellation Policy: Please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule.